I’m Constancia Gomez

Health and Life Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Started the program at 155 couple of week ago

Now at 149. My lowest weight in decades. More in maintenance mode now. Have reduced carbs 80%, doing regular vigorous exercise, and eating smarter. Supporting Jean all the way. She’s sticking more the plan. Thanks for the daily motivation. D.

Goal Setting

Many times we go through life and we do not have a plan. On my program if “I could you can” we create a personalized plan that works for you! Our goal is to regain our optimal health!
Always forward always positive

Relationship Coaching

I love to develop a strong relationship with my coaches and see their progress and transformation. The relationship between us is precious to me and makes me so happy and and excited when they find the path to their own change!

Stress Management

The most important thing in this day and age is to learn how to manage stress! The Cortisol levels are really high and having the right coping mechanism is awesome!
 That is why on my program “If I coud you can”
we learn how to manage our emotions, by learning new things and new skills.
Constancia G

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is finding someone to guide you and support you on your change! Someone that can help you to follow your goals!

Someone that understands you and guide you to reach your goats!

Helps you to make a plan and support you on the way to success!

Contact me!

I will love to help you reach your goals!

Who Is Coaching For?

For me personally coaching is what help my group to do the switch! The change! The radical awakening!

To think is possible!

We can do this! Together !!

Took me 20 year to reach size 14 and I was stuck! Buying new clothing using yoga pants!
Now I see the pictures and I want to congratulate myself! For doing now!
I thought that was impossible!
And believe me I
Wanted to change! I did not know how!

On my sessions we work
on the mind set and work on changing the way we cope with stress!
In my sessions we work on doing that switch together!
We can do this!
Many of my coaches have been done amazing transformations!
And I am so proud of them!




It is Very posible you are awesome.


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About Me

My name is Constancia Gomez and I am
originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Thank you for visiting this page!

I hope that you enjoy your journey to better health!

First I will love to congratulate you for being here! My hope is to guide you and help you embrace better health.

“I work for Columbia university, I have been working with Constancia for about 2 months now, for intermittent fasting and I really love working with Constancia and enjoy the support that I get from the program. ” J. Smith


Many people have seen a transformation in this program because she is available to guide us through this process, and it is not only about losing the weight it is about transforming your life and changing and transforming the actions that you are taking or u used to take and change your mindset and she always says that; it is about the way u talk to yourself; it is amazing really and I really recommend it”. 

A. Perez from Brooklyn, NY.

I lost 15 pounds in 9 weeks, so it is an important number I never thought I was going to be able to lose this weight to fast

So, if you are thinking about it and you are wondering to start or not, go for it, everything to gain and nothing to lost aside of weight”. E. Rodriguez

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!